a Poetic Short story for Kids. The good and Kindly Shepherd

December 18, 2008


The good and Kindly Shepherd  He came one morning with a long white hook out from the goats, the sheep he took. According to the Living Book.     this is a response to a 22words blog challenge

Everything I Need

December 5, 2008


Every once in a while, John will start to feel bad about me not having everything I want.  Even if I did have everything I wanted, I am sure I would only want more.  The bottom line is, I have EVERYTHING I need.  I have an amazing, loving, selfless husband who is such a great […]

Physical Underlying Satellite- my emo band name

December 3, 2008


This is hands down the stupidest post i have done in a while( the only post i have done in a while too). I was in an emo band in college “can’t catch simon” was our name, we were terrible. I thought i had put it behind me. Then, today I came across this article […]

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Bringing Everyone Up To Speed

November 19, 2008


It has obviously been far too long since we have posted a blog.  It seems the older Afton gets, the busier we get.  But let’s get right down to the juicy stuff…the most important recent happening: the birth of my nephew, Bennett Aaron, who was born on November 14th at 1:46pm weighing 8lbs. 1oz and […]

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My Sweet Pea

September 4, 2008


What I love about Afton: -I love her happy disposition (you can make her smile no matter what) -I love her sweet smile, with her 4 (almost 6) baby teeth sticking out -I love her cute laugh (real or fake), especially when she throws her head back to laugh -I love her open-mouth kisses -I […]


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